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Together Hospitality Chicago's Mission

Our mission is to foster an ecosystem of support by providing an encompassing network of resources specific to the Chicago hospitality community. Together Hospitality Chicago was formed to create a focused conversation within and about the Chicago restaurant community, where we learn from each other, act as a collective resource, and contribute to the success of the industry.

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Together Hospitality Chicago's Events

TH Chicago conducts regular hospitality industry roundtable meetings, hosts educational events, and posts video content that focuses on our member’s expertise. The knowledge gained from these expert points of view provides a valuable perspective to participants from all corners of the restaurant industry.

Authority Members

Our Authority Members are essential service providers who are thoroughly vetted, reputable, and passionate about the hospitality community.

Carissa Remitz
Dave Gonzales
Dirk T Ahlbeck
Heather Hughes
James Botana
Liz Mendez
Kirk Bacastow
Luke Forand
Michael Zalay