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Interested in Joining Together Hospitality Chicago As A Member?

Our Values:

Together Hospitality Chicago’s entire member base includes a dynamic collection of professionals, each eager to perpetually learn & grow as a leader in hospitality. We are seeking members who share these values: 

  • Lifelong Learning – we seek every opportunity to learn, improve & evolve
  • Collaborative – we actively engage with and support our community
  • Philanthropic – we actively promote & include charitable organizations in our network


2 Levels of Membership

For Restaurant Owners and Operators:

  • ALLY Membership: The ALLY membership is for those who are looking to get beyond the four walls of their business in order to increase their industry knowledge, meet new people and learn new perspectives, and participate in a community eager to positively impact the hospitality community.  

“In the challenging times we live in, it is such a comfort to be a part of Together Hospitality and the community that it embraces.  To gather each month with passionate professionals who share ideas and solutions in the world of hospitality has been inspiring.  The worlds of for-profit and nonprofit collide lending a helping hand to each other.  It’s nice to come together and ask ‘what can I do for you?’ and ‘how can we help each other?’” 

Hsing Chen, Owner, Andros Taverna, Ally Member

For Essential Services Providers:

  • AUTHORITY Membership: The AUTHORITY membership is for those who are values driven, lead by educating others, and excel in their areas of practice. They are eager to become a more impactful resource by sharing their expertise with the hospitality community, connecting with others, and giving back to the people who are in it. 

“It’s truly humbling to be surrounded by such talented people and giants in the hospitality community. While it is extremely beneficial as a resource, the biggest benefit is that it makes us a better contractor because we are immersed in what it takes to create and operate restaurants. It’s is now less about building and more about how we can use our experience to better the industry community.” 

Kirk Bacastow, LG Construction, Authority Member

All Authority members are thoroughly vetted and exclusively represents their unique category of services essential to operating a successful hospitality organization. 

For Sponsorship Opportunities:

Interested in supporting our industry by becoming a sponsor of Together Hospitality Chicago? Contact us to discuss opportunities.