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Culinary Care

Culinary Care envisions a world where food brings joy, not stress; where families cherish their time together; and where every individual facing cancer receives the nourishment and support for a longer, happier life.

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Social Impact Partners Emeritus

The Evolved Network

The Evolved Network provides experiential programming through culinary and gardening equipping youth in systemically oppressed communities with transformative healing, skills and support needed to evolve into masters of their unique gifts.


Pilot Light

Pilot Light’s mission is to support students as they learn and advocate for informed choices by bridging the lessons they learn in their classrooms to the foods on their lunch trays, at home, and in their communities.

“We are incredibly honored and deeply grateful to Together Hospitality for selecting Pilot Light as their social impact partner. Our team enjoyed being a part of their thoughtfully cultivated community of hospitality professionals. Beyond the new connections we made, we benefitted from the exchange of insights and experiences among members. Further, the opportunity to raise awareness of our mission of food education was truly instrumental toward expanding our reach and impact in the greater Chicago community and beyond.”

Alex DeSorbo-Quinn, Executive Director, Pilot Light


Green City Market

Green City Market focuses on securing the future of food by deepening support for sustainable farmers, educating our community, and expanding access to locally-grown food.

Our Inaugural Social Impact Partner shared the impact of partnering with TH Chicago:

“The opportunity to connect with the hospitality industry and to share the importance of local food sourcing, sustainable farmers, food access and food education while also learning about the industry’s challenges and successes has had a tremendous impact on Green City Market’s nonprofit work. The collaborative connections, intentional discussions, and insightful innovations that are shared among members are an incredible resource for the Chicago hospitality community.”

Mandy Moody, Executive Director, Green City Market, Inaugural Social Impact Partner


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