Meet Our Authority Members

Our members are devoted to the Chicagoland restaurant community and include restaurant owners & operators (Ally members) and essential services providers (Authority Members).

Each Authority member represents one of the various categories of services essential to operating a successful hospitality organization. These members’ thought-leadership contributes to the industry-at-large and its success; they are highly recommended by their clients and can boast impeccable records of service and quality of product.

Carissa Remitz – Chapter Director

Public Relations and Marketing

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Dave Gonzales

Architecture & Design

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Dirk T Ahlbeck

CPA and Advisor

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Heather Hughes

Restaurant Technology

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James Botana

Labor and Employment Attorney

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Kate Edwards

Together Hospitality President

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Kirk Bacastow


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Liz Mendez


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Luke Forand headshot in black and white
Luke Forand

Website & Digital Marketing

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Michael Zalay

Business Attorney

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Sandy Noto

Food & Travel Photography

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Take a Seat at Our Table

Together Hospitality Chicago offers 2 different levels of membership, each designed to help you build community, maximize your business expertise, and increase your leadership presence in the Chicago hospitality landscape. Our options are specially designed for both hospitality owners & operators and vetted essential services providers.

We are seeking members who share the same values and are committed to supporting the entire hospitality community in Chicago.

Ally Members & Partners